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Mercadona en Bilbao - Barakaldo

Mercadona in Bilbao - Barakaldo

It is not a new concern for the citizens to have a Mercadona in Bilbao. And it is that Euskadi is the only autonomous region that does not have a supermarket of this chain. That is why, tired of having to travel out, or take advantage of trips to other communities to buy their products, social networks echoes the desire to be built a Mercadona in Bilbao were made. Groups like "Basques who shop at Mercadona as if there were no tomorrow" and "I want a MERCADONA IN BILBAO" populate Facebook with thousands of followers.

And it is the prices of products not alone, because when people walking kilometers to go buy Mercadona, it is because products such as creams, yogurts, cereals, ... have little to envy in terms of quality with other brands best known.

It seems that after much pressure the first Basque Mercadona will appear shortly. Mercadona has moved piece and has contacted those responsible for Megapark in Barakaldo, to install there your supermarket. And the space occupied by the now closed Saturn have many numbers to be elected.

Still, the city of Barakaldo has not confirmed anything about it, but as it did when we announced the arrival of Ryanair in Bilbao , spoke neither official sources, where there's smoke ... is that water carries.

The Basque capital is a beautiful city with a great tourist attraction, so that more and more people decide to visit. As a result, some of the services offered to tourists have risen in price. The best way to combat this price increase is staying in a hostel.

The Bilbao hostels offer excellent value accommodation, good location and affordable prices. More is not to like! Here are some examples to get an idea.

The Ganbara Hostel is a brand new hostel, opened in July 2011 and is located in the old quarter of the city. It offers a total of 62 rooms spread over 13 for four, six or eight beds. Breakfast is included in the price, but that's not all ... Ganbara Hostel has air conditioning, WiFi, security lockers, luggage storage, bike rental, kitchen, laundry, ... In short, all the necessary amenities to enjoy an economical and enjoyable stay.

Surf Backpackers Bilbao - Hostal

Surf Backpackers Bilbao - Hostal

On the other hand, the Surf Backpackers Bilbao offers private and shared rooms, to suit the budgets of all travelers. It is located in the city center, two blocks from the Guggenheim Museum and around find many tapas bars. Guests have free access to common room, kitchen, laundry, luggage and the Internet.

Hostal Mardones (Bilbao)

Hostal Mardones (Bilbao)

The last example that we share with you today is the Hostal Mardones. It is a traditional property but it has the best location (in the heart of Casco Viejo Bilbao) and excellent facilities. It offers a total of 18 comfortable rooms, all doubles, ideal for couples and travelers who want to fully enjoy your privacy. The price includes bed linen, towels and luggage storage, but there are also Internet access, lockers in the rooms and parking.

These three hotels are just a small sample of the range of housing having Bilbao. Private rooms, dormitories, kitchen, laundry, Internet access ... The vast majority offer all necessary measures to make the most of a visit to Bilbao amenities.

Hotel Sheraton Bilbao

Hotel Sheraton Bilbao

The Hotel Sheraton Bilbao, designed by architect Ricardo Legorreta, has a privileged location between the Congress and the Euskalduna Palace, and close to the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Maritime Museum. Furthermore, it is just 15 minutes from the airport of Loiu.

The design of the Hotel Sheraton Bilbao is based on the work of Eduardo Chillida. Ricardo Legorreta not only dealt with the task of designing the Hotel, but took part in the choice of materials that would be built in each of the decorative elements.

The Hotel Sheraton Bilbao has a total of 211 rooms, including 21 suites. The rooms feature the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper (SM), cable TV, ADSL, air conditioning, minibar and marble bathroom. The suites feature a spa bath and plasma TV.

On the sixth floor we have the spa, with stunning views of the estuary. It offers gym, sauna, massage and heated pool.

Sheraton's restaurant, Aizian, we can find the best chefs, making it a point of reference. In it we can enjoy the best Basque cuisine, but also in the room, thanks to the service available 24 hours.

One thing to mention is the collection of contemporary art and Spanish ship models, scattered around the hotel with the intention of giving it part of the history of Bilbao port.

Habitacion del Hotel Sheraton Bilbao

Room Hotel Sheraton Bilbao

The ascent to Pagasarri Bilbao is an activity quite often, hence the path of Pagasarri be well documented.

Then the ascent route described the mountain with photographs to facilitate orientation:

The route starts at the San Adrián (Bilbao). We start from the Plaza Zabalburu, located near the train station and go down the street Avenida Juan de Garay and San Adrián. At the end of the street we find the bridge of the following image:

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Edificio Iberdrola

Way up to Pagasarri: Building Iberdrola

Crossing the bridge will cross the highway, reaching the building of Iberdrola. At this point we leave the city to begin the ascent to Pagasarri. We go around the building to the right to take the road Larraskitu, an asphalted road that runs through the neighborhood Larraskitu.

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Camino Larraskitu

Way up to Pagasarri: Road Larraskitu

We continue about 300 meters down the track. We find a path that goes left. If we take this shortcut we'll end on the same track much later, avoiding to give more back. This step is optional, if we follow the track all the time we end up at the same point but take more.

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Atajo

Way up to Pagasarri: Shortcut

Continuing along the road, called Camino Pagasarri, we will find the Bar Athletic and later with a picnic and tables, together with a panel of the council with a map and information about the area.

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Camino Pagasarri

Way up to Pagasarri: Road Pagasarri

If we continue down the road, we arrive at a point where a barrier preventing access to vehicles. Is the point where the climb to the mountain begins and where we will normally take about 45 minutes to reach him. Highlight a road that goes to the left, just before the barrier, which leads to the chapel of San Roque.

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Barrera Pagasarri

Way up to Pagasarri: Barrera Pagasarri

On the way up, we find the Fountain of Zapaburu.

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Fuente de Zapaburu

Way up to Pagasarri: Power Zapaburu

Later we came to a crossroads that offers three routes to the Pagasarri. The right path is smoother and offers spectacular views of Bilbao. The route from the center, begins with stairs and an information panel. Of the three routes, it is the fastest (30 minutes) and the oldest, but also the most physically demanding. The left path instead, is the longest and the one that gives greater return, so it is the least is usually done.

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Cruce en el Pagasarri

Way up to Pagasarri: Cross in the Pagasarri

If we have chosen to Pagasarri the old way, the way we find the source of the next picture. This way, almost at the end, joins the left path. On the descent we must remember to properly take detours.

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Fuente en el camino antiguo del Pagasarri

Way up to Pagasarri: Fountain in the old way of Pagasarri

The road on the left and on the right end joining in the campaign of Pagasarri, under Mount Ganeta (685 meters).

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Campa del Pagasarri

Way up to Pagasarri: Campa Pagasarri

In the campaign we have a bar

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Campa y bar del Pagasarri

Way up to Pagasarri: Campa and bar Pagasarri

To finish up the top, climb a hill behind the bar.

Camino de ascenso al Pagasarri: Cima del Pagasarri

Way up to Pagasarri: Top of Pagasarri

Taking the old road Pagasarri, the ascent round the hour and twenty minutes.

Monte Pagasarri (Bilbao)

Monte Pagasarri (Bilbao)

Pagasarri is one of two mountain ranges that surround Bilbao (the other is Artxanda). It is part of massif Ganekogorta separating Bizkaia and Araba.

Etymologically, Pagasarri comes from the union of two words: To / Pagoa which means there; sarri which means thick and dense. So the translation of Pagassari would indicate that the Pagasarri is a mountain covered by a thick blanket of beech.

Pagasarri offers 673 meters high and is very popular in Bilbao, fond mountain to young and old thanks to the known ways of Pagasarri.

The weather in Bilbao is characterized, like the Basque climate in general, by a large volume of rainfall. These rains are spread throughout the year, which will make him a particularly "dry" summer. This is evident when it is found that the rainy days represent 45% of the year, excluding 41% of the year is covered.

Tiempo en Bilbao - Dias lluviosos
Weather in Bilbao - Rainy Days

The rainiest months are those that take place between October and April (November being the most). Although rainfall has generally take place in the form of showers, they are also very common fine drizzle, which are called drizzle.

The proximity to the ocean makes both summer and winter temperature fluctuations have little. In summer, the average maximum temperature ranges between 25 and 26 C, while in winter the average minimum oscillate between 6 ° and 7 ° C. In winter snow does not usually come to fruition, however if hailing, with a total of about 10 days a year.

Tiempo en Bilbao - Temperaturas máximas/mínimas
Weather in Bilbao - High temperatures / minimum

Below you can see the weather in Bilbao today and the following (x) days:

Weather in Spain in Bilbao

Hotel Carlton (Bilbao)

Hotel Carlton (Bilbao)

Located in the Plaza Moyúa is the Carlton Hotel, the first luxury hotel in Bilbao that counted. Designed by architect Manuel Maria Smith, was designed in 1919 and completed in 1926. For its design was based on the guidelines of the Second Empire style, with classical forms and traditional plants, but with direct inspirations of famous hotels of the era: porch and facade access Carlton London, and the windows of the lobby of the Hotel Negresco in Nice. We also noticed the magnificent oval skylight lobby, second in Spain by size, after the Palace Hotel in Madrid.

Claraboya del Hotel Carlton (Bilbao)

Skylight Hotel Carlton (Bilbao)

In 1937, the Carlton Hotel hosted the first Basque Government and still retains the bomb shelter at the time. It is also used for holding official and cultural events in Bilbao.

With a section of the building intended for hotel and other offices, it has a basement, basement, ground floor, five upper floors and recessed sixth floor. In them a total of 142 rooms (an imperial suite of 250m2, 5 semi-suites, 21 superior rooms and 115 standard rooms), decorated in a classic style but with the latest technology are distributed.

Suite Imperial del Hotel Carlton (Bilbao)

Imperial Suite Hotel Carlton (Bilbao)

"Badator Olentzero" is the popular song sung in honor of the arrival of Olentzero. Here you have both the words to "Badator Olentzero" as a video clip.
Joan olentzero zaigu,
Mendira wool
IKATZ egitera.
Aditu duenean
Jesus jaio dala
lasterka etorri da
berria ematera.

Horra horra
gure Olentzero
hortzian stave pipe
eserita dago.
Ere Kapoiak Baitu
Bihar merendatzeko
botila ardoakin

Olentzero, Buru handia
entendimentuz jantzia,
bart omen du arratsean edan
bost arroako zahagia.
Bai weaves handia gut!
trala la la la, lala trala
Bai weaves handia gut!
trala la la la, la la lala

Feria de Santo Tomas (Bilbao)

Feria de Santo Tomas (Bilbao)

December 21 is celebrated the Fair of St. Thomas, where the preamble of the Bilbao Christmas. Today, traditional products baserris (villages) are presented in the New and Arenal Square.

The origin of this festival is the late nineteenth century when the baserris tenants came to Bilbao Bizkaia to pay the income of their owners hamlets. Baserritarras besides go to Bilbao with rents, took samples of their products to owners baserris.

Baserritarras these women took the initiative to accompany you on these trips and taking positions in the ancient square (next to the San Anton) and in different parts of Casco Viejo and the Bank, offered these products to housewives Bilbao for consumption at Christmas.

In 1945, BBK following an idea Arzeluz Felix Garcia, he is responsible for shaping market this event and giving it a continuity that has been maintained until now.

In this way, market or Santo Tomas Fair becomes a great way to try typical Basque products, and providing the possibility of adquirlos power. Among them, a typical food of this event is the talo with chorizo, accompanied by a txacolí.

Entra al Cafe Iruña en Bilbao

Enters the Cafe Iruna in Bilbao

Founded in 1903, the day of San Fermin, for Entrepreneur Navarro, Severo Unzue, is now part of the historical heritage of Bilbao, both for its aesthetics and become a meeting place for the Bilbao society gatherings with participants welcoming such luminaries as Ortega, Unamuno and Maeztu. Located on the corner of Columbus and Berastegi Larreategi and the architect Joaquín Rucoba (author also of the Arab hall Hall), it has a neo-Moorish-style interiors which include tiles and murals.

Café Iruña currently still maintaining his literary vocation, being home to a dozen cultural associations, which continue to use the center as Café Iruña holding their biggest events.

But despite its strong cultural role, it does not neglect the gastronomic. It has a daily menu service reminding the pianist Café Iruña made ​​there, in 1927, the Castilian version of the song "Good Menu". In fact, the lyrics of the song is available free on a postcard in the same Café Iruña and in the offices of Bilbao Turismo (BIT).

Finally, a detail of the importance of this Café in Bilbao is singular that has been declared a monument in 1980 and in 2000 won the award for best coffee in Spain.

Cafe Iruña (Bilbao)

Cafe Iruña (Bilbao)

Cafe Iruña (Bilbao)

Cafe Iruña (Bilbao)

Cafe Iruña (Bilbao)

Cafe Iruña (Bilbao)